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Have your say – hospital outpatient services in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw

A workshop to explore what is and isn’t possible when it comes to providing outpatient services in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw is taking place this month – and it’s important the views of the public, patients and carers at heard at the session.

Areas being discussed are:

  • what sort of advice and guidance people and GPs want and need when it comes to referrals, guidelines, thresholds, reviews and triage
  • ensuring everyone has the same access to NHS commissioned care across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw
  • improving how we do things in outpatients – we know we’re not always efficient and want to look at how we can do more closer to where people live
  • how can we improve information available for patients, especially in an ever growing digital world.

There’ll be a chance to take part in the discussions, as well as look at and comment on some of the good practice that’s happening in our region. Your involvement could be sharing your positive experiences, providing constructive suggestions and being a patient/public voice within the discussions.

There will be doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals at the event, along with managers.

The workshop takes place in Rotherham at the New York football stadium on the morning of Friday 30 June from 9am to 12pm and refreshments are available.

To book a place, contact Helen Stevens at [email protected] or call on 0114 305 1118/07787 162972.

Deadline for booking is Monday 26 June.